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Meet the Burnett Family: three generations of born and bred small-town Texans. Whether they've bought into life in Paducah or have chosen to run from it, all of them have long been set in their ways, but an untimely death in the family forces everyone to reevaluate. Will they soldier on as before, or will they change?

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From A to Double D SheNYC Festival NYC Mandy Murphy



A young cowboy torn between his passion and the love of his life. We follow this budding bull-rider as he attempts to have it all while competing in one of the most dangerous sports out there. Can he have the wife, the baby and be an 8-second star? 

One woman's life, one bra at a time.

Devon Hayes is holding an auction...and it sure as shit ain’t your granny’s auction. During this comedic drama, cast your bid for bras and the memories that come with them. From sizes A through Double D, we visit the most intimate chapters in Devon’s life, from the perky highs to the saggy lows until this party comes to an unexpected end. Grab a beer, grab a paddle and come on down to the auction! 

How high will you bid?

From A to Double D

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